About Us

Founded in 1986, in the backdrop of disruptive industry changes which have forced the legacy accounting and taxation processes to redefine itself for new business models; ‘Better Accounting and Tax’ is one of the leading solution provider of myriad of business compliance from meeting the regular accounting processes to regulation consulting for large multi-pronged M&A or business deals.

Better Accounting and Tax’ has established a benchmark with its industry leading consulting services, strategic business direction solutions to its diverse customer base in the backdrop of evolving complex accounting and taxation domain.

The company is one of leader in strategic advisory services which provide policy and regular compliance directions to the business from early or growth stage start-ups to established global and Indian multinational companies.

The leadership and consulting team who ensures right consultancy to the clients backed by specialists such as certified public accountants, licensed actuaries, computer consultants, estate attorneys, and certified financial planners who offer highest level of guidance as well as directions to diverse businesses.

Our upcoming plans are to extend company processes to a large number of customer base by implementing analysis on Individuals/companies all over the USA. For that purpose, we are currently modernizing our systems to use cutting edge technologies like Hadoop ecosystem. These advanced applications would not only help analyze customer data for their accounting needs but also help provide the customers efficient and faster solutions. We will be creating an online customer portal and customer information tracking system. We are also planning to create a smart Mobile app connected with the database to provide easy account managing experiences to our clients.