Business Consulting Services

Business lifecycle management is one of the key service areas of ‘Better Accounting and Tax’. From incorporation to business succession planning, ‘Better Accounting and Tax’ provides right & practical strategies and comprehensive advices as well as solutions to the businesses at any stage.

Incorporation and New Business Analysis

Incepting or starting a business needs rounds of documentations and paperwork, in addition to the much needed hard-work and strategies to conquer various market complexities. With a knowledge based approach, the experts from ‘Better Accounting and Tax’ provides ideal consultancy, advices and solutions to the idea stage businesses. It helps the founders in evaluating the format of business which is ideal for them and ensures that they select the right entity. Further, team also helps in each stages of the newly formed entity across diverse areas such as formulation of business plan, necessary registration & licensing process, managing compliance with government authorities etc. to position new business as desired in the market.

Employee Benefit Plans

Employee and labour laws have been changing continuously to cater the evolving industry needs. Specialists at ‘Better Accounting and Tax’ tracks the developments on employee benefit regulations and make sure the businesses adhere to this. Based on the set regulations, it helps companies to formulate ideal employee benefit plans which is in-line with company’s objectives and vision.

Business Valuations

In todays developed and continuously evolving market place, business valuation is the key for long-term growth and success. ‘Better Accounting and Tax’ has in depth industry expertise towards formulation of right business valuations for growth stage start-ups to large established businesses. The industry leading business valuation services from ‘Better Accounting and Tax’ is quick, efficient, accurate and cost-effective. Its end-to-end business valuation services cover financial reporting & asset valuation, estate planning & administration, intellectual property valuation, portfolio review & capital management, strategic planning, mergers & acquisitions, divestitures, succession planning, divorce proceedings, taxation planning & compliance, reorganization & bankruptcy, partner disputes, and litigation support etc.

Business Purchase or Sale Analysis

Purchasing a business is one of the major affair for any company. Over last 30 years of existence, ‘Better Accounting and Tax’ have helped in various major M&A deals. The expert team at ‘Better Accounting and Tax’ provides a holistic view on transaction, does a comprehensive assessments of potential purchases to business valuation services to analysis of the financial, tax, and operational implications of any purchase.

Management Consulting

Right management strategy is the key business driver in today’s rapidly changing business environment. Towards driving value to a business, we need to think strategically and regularly have candid advices from trusted mentors. The experienced consultants at ‘Better Accounting and Tax’ offers specialized management consulting services to businesses which covers key areas such as systems implementation and management, process analysis,change management, business transformation, workflow analysis, enterprise risk management, cost controls, employee benefit plan restructuring etc. towards enabling businesses to improve performance, implement industry best practices, and maximize growth.

Bankruptcy Services

Bankruptcy is an unwanted term for any business, however, we may also face such situations. ‘Better Accounting and Tax’ helps such organizations with entire compliance process for dissolution through right guidance.

Mergers and Acquisitions Assistance

Mergers and acquisitions are big as well as strategic decisions for any businesses which involves complex transaction processes. ‘Better Accounting and Tax’ is the preferred partner for M&A exercise across all businesses. It has been in the forefront of offering right advices and guidance. It drives the complete financial process from end-to-end perspective for M&A. The team at ‘Better Accounting and Tax’ always explore right M&A for specific businesses and provides right judgment and guidance to protect business interest.

Financial Forecast and Projections

Better financial planning is the critical for a short-term or long-term business success. ‘Better Accounting and Tax’ provides a complete range of financial and business forecasting services to help business leaders to analyze business situation to foresee growth. It provides guidance in risk mitigation for a strategic long term business growth.

Business Succession and Exit Planning

Well planned and strategic business succession or exit planning is the most important activity to ensure sustained business continuity without any day-to-day involvement of the founders further. You need to get this right to keep the business healthy. Better Accounting and Tax has the right expertise towards designing ideal business succession and exit plan which allows you to enjoy a smooth continuance while the business is well protected.