Payroll Services

Payroll processing is one of the major financial and administrative task for the businesses across. With limited accounting and HR based resources, it’s a labour intensive work for small businesses or SMBs. ‘Better Accounting and Tax’ understands these pain points and created a special cell to handle payroll related responsibilities on-time, accurately and efficiently. It provides end-to-end consultations, which ensure reliable payroll processes including printing or direct-depositing of paychecks, managing deductions, allowances, withholding, filing quarterly and year-end state as well as federal payroll tax forms and other related services at a very affordable consultation fee.

State-of-the-Art Payroll Processing

‘Better Accounting and Tax’ provides a technology driven, cutting edge, and state-of-the-art cloud based payroll service that ensures accuracy and free you from manual documentation works. The payroll services offered by ‘Better Accounting and Tax’ is customized and scalable as business grows. The technology backed processes ensures flawless and streamlined procedure towards more employee productivity and business success.

Hassle Free Payroll Processing

At ‘Better Accounting and Tax’, we take away all your payroll based administrative responsibilities and allow you to focus on your business which is the key for growth. Our offerings are as customized as your needs, backed by our knowledge driven in-house certified payroll experts who ensures that you are complied with the changing regulation needs such as employee professional tax, employee provident fund etc.

Payroll and Compliance Experts

Payroll is much more complex process than we think, it does not end with crediting payments to employee’s salary accounts. It includes myriad of tasks such as collecting and maintaining employee data, calculating taxes, benefits, and withholding, reporting unemployment taxes, managing allowances and deductions, filing multiple quarterly and annual state and federal payroll tax forms, on-time payment of payroll taxes, and payroll reporting etc. Management of payroll compliance is time consuming, confusing and complicated. Expert services from ‘Better Accounting and Tax’ takes care of this entire process efficiently and makes your life hassle free.