Tax Services

Are you looking out for a right partner to take care of your taxation legalities and compliances?

‘Better Accounting and Tax’ is the preferred partner for the tax compliance of your business. Its services are ready to meet the ever changing taxation regulations and provides complete assistance across businesses, be it OPC, early or growth stage start-up or an established company; based on their unique needs.

Its industry ready consultation services covers a wide range of taxation needs such as planning, preparation and filing of personal as well as corporate tax returns with right data mining and presentation as per the set government guidelines.

The abled experts of ‘Better Accounting and Tax’ closely tracks various developments across policy regulations and offers on-time advices to allow clients to take right business decisions. ‘Better Accounting and Tax’ is committed towards tax liabilities, hence you can maximize your business growth.

Individual Taxes

‘Better Accounting and Tax’ offers customised services to clients on their unique individual taxation needs. The industry leading consultation of ‘Better Accounting and Tax’ provides specialized services which ensures accurate, quick and hassle free assistance for filing of individual tax at an affordable consultation fee.

The dedicated team of individual taxation of the company makes sure that you follow the right guidelines round the year, so that you maximise refund of income tax returns at any point.

Expert Tax Preparation

Various researches have validated that, it is hassle free, accurate and more beneficial while we engage a professional tax consultant. Evaluating own tax liabilities and work on taxation documents without required knowledge is stressful, frustrating, and time consuming on the backdrop of constantly changing taxation policies and regulations. ‘Better Accounting and Taxation’ is specialized in this area and provides specialized services to you, which is backed by its long standing industry experience and knowledge driven expert team who understands the changing needs perfectly and do a diligent job on preparation of taxation documents. This will allow you to take the accurate return advantages.

Comprehensive Tax Advice

Be it professional or personal; today, we need to be careful while taking any kind of financial decisions, as it can imply tax implications. The team at ‘Better Accounting and Tax’ consults clients beyond regular tax preparations and filings. It helps clients to access and manage all minor or major financial decision that might have tax implications and guide them accordingly. In addition to accurately prepare returns across all type business or not for profit organizations, ‘Better Accounting and Tax’ thrives to be the trusted advisor by formulating beneficial tax strategy to minimize liabilities. It proactively provide consultations based on the need and changing regulations.

Resolution Specialist Tax Problem

If you got a tax problem, than you got to be serious and must consult and implement expert advices. You cannot close your eyes and stop thinking about it. As time moves on and as you delay more, the tax liabilities gets worse with mounting penalties and interests. In addition to this, if you do not know the regulations well, you will have hard time dealing with the government officials. Historically, ‘Better Accounting and Tax’ have provided right consultation and helped many clients to close such tax issues. The knowledge driven team of ‘Better Accounting and Tax’ help clients towards a realistic and confidential assessment and suggest preferred possible options which can be achieved in a stipulated timeline and put an end to it.

Tax Planning and Return Preparation

To our core, we believe on strong planning is the key for individual taxations. At ‘Better Accounting and Tax’ we have a specialized cell which provides right strategy to the individuals on their tax planning towards maximizing returns and savings for other key needs such as health, education of children and post retirement assets etc.

Estate, Gift, and Trust Tax Return Preparation

Across complex tax regulations for various activities such as complex federal and state estate, gift, and trust tax returns, ‘Better Accounting and Tax’ has been provides key suggestions and accurate services to its clients. The company has been in the forefront towards offering comprehensive and knowledgeable assistance with the tax implications across estate plans, business succession plans, and gifting strategies. Its industry leading guidance rightly maximizes the value of estate, gift, or trust, which protects beneficiaries from confusion, uncertainty, and the distraction of unforeseen estate tax levies.

Corporate Taxes

An accurate and careful tax planning is the ideal approach towards preparation of any corporate or business income tax. The knowledge driven guidance of ‘Better Accounting and Tax’ ensure minimal liability which ensures increased profitability. A wrong approach towards this may kill your business. “Better Accounting and Tax’ has the right set of expertise on corporate taxation, whether it’s an OPC, start-up or a large established business.

Tax Advisory Services

The consultation is always customised at ‘Better Accounting and Tax’ based on the various unique requirements of clients. The expert team at the company is always ready to provide high quality advisory services across businesses with pro-active tax analysis approach backed by round the year goal based tax planning and expert return preparation.

Small Business Tax Specialists

Most small businesses mess this up at various stages and get into confusing stressful stage many a times. ‘Better Accounting and Tax’ is committed towards educating such businesses and taking away the entire accounting process related work from planning to filing and ensure periodical as well as annual tax returns.

International Taxation

This is one of the most complex and evolving taxation regulation space in India and across the globe. If we do not follow and meet the needs rightly, it may push into bigger taxation issues. At ‘Better Accounting and Tax’, we have expert solutions across international taxation space and guide clients with most preferred options by protecting business interests.

Sales Tax Services

It is the highly evolving and complex space and you always need the right experts to document and file them error free every time. The seasoned specialists of ‘Better Accounting and Tax’ do it more diligently and guide clients on need basis across various regulation requirements such as sales tax registration, compliance, and exemptions for a single location or across multiple jurisdictions etc.

Unified Tax Approach

The taxation approach is unified in ‘Better Accounting and Tax’ and it has one unique solutions to each businesses based on their customized needs. The holistic approach of the company makes taxation simple and error for the businesses across. Its goal oriented, knowledge based and insightful consulting services safeguards business and enables smooth growth. At ‘Better Accounting and Tax’, we understand the dynamics of each business be it OPC, growth stage start-up, large established MNC or a family owned business, handover taxation complexities to us.

IRS and State/Local Tax Representation

‘Better Accounting and Tax’ has expert unit for IRS and State. The company has the rightly experienced people and knowledge backed expertise to provide complete representation services before the IRS and state and local taxing authorities. It has many successful cases of negotiating offers in compromise with the IRS.